FAQ - Housing

  1. What about housing?
    Housing will be coordinated and provided for REU participants on-campus. UH porvides different kinds of housing and for this year, REU students will live in Moody Towers. More details about housing will be updated.

  2. Do I have to pay for the housing?
    No, the housing will be provided and paid by the REU program. The bill will be handled by the REU program directly.

  3. What's the check-in and check-out time for the dorm?
    Please check-in between 8am-5pm on Sunday (the day before the program starts) and , check-out after 5pm on the last day of the program (Friday) or the next day (Saturday). Please e-mail the REU assistant about your fligh infomation and your approximated check-in time for the dorm.

  4. What about food?
    Food is provided for REU participants on campus. Each meal is usually 'all you can eat' with a lot of variety.

  5. Do I have to pay for the food?
    No,you will receive a cougar-one card upon your arrival, and you can use this card to purchase the meal on campus. However, it may take some time for the cougar-one card to be ready to use. So we recommend you to bring some money upon your arrival for some initial expenses such as food for the first few days.

  6. What dining options do I have?
    Dining options can be found at the University of Houston Dining web site.

  7. Are there any available fitness facilities on campus?
    Our REU students can use the Wellness Recreation Center on campus for a small fee. This is a pro-rated rate. The Department of Campus Recreation is committed to enhancing the quality of life for University of Houston students and all we serve by providing comprehensive facilities, programs and services. More information will be provided during the orientation.

Acknowledgement: This project is sponsored by NSF under awards NSF-0453498, NSF-0755500, NSF-1062954, and NSF-1359199. Special thanks to the following UH offices for providing financial support to the project: Department of Computer Science; College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics; Dean of Graduate and Professional Studies; VP for Research; and the Provost's Office. The University of Houston is an equal opportunity/affirmative action institution. Women and underrepresented minority students are strongly encouraged to apply.