FAQ - Stipend

  1. How much is the stipend?
    The stipend is $5,000 given incrementally throughout the 10 weeks.

  2. How do I get paid?
    The stipend will be paid by check. It will be divided into three checks. You will be asked to fill out the information forms upon your arrival. The first check will be paid as soon as the forms are processed. However, paperwork may take time to process. So, we suggest you to bring some money for the initial expenses upon your arrival for persoanl use. The second check will be paid in the middle of the program. The third check will be issued at the last date.

  3. What can be reimbursed?
    here are things that can be reimbursed with up to $400 in total:

    -Airfare, train tickets

    -Shuttle, taxi and bus from airport to UH

  4. How do I claim the reimbursement?
    Please submit the travel purchase receipt upon your arrival and a check will be issued. This may take some time to process. More information will be provided during the orientation.

Acknowledgement: This project is sponsored by NSF under awards NSF-0453498, NSF-0755500, NSF-1062954, and NSF-1359199. Special thanks to the following UH offices for providing financial support to the project: Department of Computer Science; College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics; Dean of Graduate and Professional Studies; VP for Research; and the Provost's Office. The University of Houston is an equal opportunity/affirmative action institution. Women and underrepresented minority students are strongly encouraged to apply.