Application Forms

Online Application:

Required Materials:

1. Application Form
To prepare your application, you may print a copy of the form (Word, PDF). This will help you gather all the information required in the form. We strongly encourage you to apply online instead of filling out the hard copy form. If for any reason you cannot apply online, you may fill out a copy of the form and e-mail it to

2. Unofficial Transcript
Please send a copy of your unofficial transcript by email to The subject of the email should be in the following format: "UHCSREU_2022_FirstName_LastName_Transcript"

3. Recommendation Letters
Two recommendation letters from faculty members of your college are required. When you apply online, instructions for submitting a recommendation letter will be automatically sent to the faculty members you specify. If for any reasons the faculty members cannot complete the form online, they can download the form (Word, PDF) and send the filled form by email to

4. Official Transcript
If you get accepted into the program, we will ask you to send a copy of your official transcript to the following address:

    REU Program
    Department of Computer Science
    University of Houston
    Houston, TX 77204-3010

Please Note: Once an applicant has been accepted to the program, a response from the applicant must be received within two weeks of the date of the offer.

Acknowledgement: This project is sponsored by NSF under CNS-1551221 and CCF-1950297. Special thanks to the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics for its financial support. The University of Houston is an equal opportunity/affirmative action institution.